THE CLIENT: Client manages approximately 500+ properties and facilities across Southeast Michigan with a user-base of 1600 primary contacts. Shutdown approval process is initiated as part of a regular planned maintenance (PM) or emergency repairs.

THE CHALLENGE: The entire Shutdown approval process for PM and emergency repair work, was time-consuming and complex. It would take the Shutdown coordinator close to 70+ mouse clicks (or steps) using their current application and more than 45+ email exchanges between various facility managers and principals to process any typical Shutdown.

ALPAC was tasked to help simplify the entire process and reduce the number of clicks along with email exchanges to process any given Shutdown.

THE SOLUTION: ALPAC developed a customized, web-based, Oracle database application and re-engineered the entire Shutdown approval process, thereby increasing visibility and efficiency of the process across the entire user community. The new Shutdown approval process now takes less than 7 clicks (or steps), and not more than total of three email confirmation reminders. The application has real-time interface to the institutional Facility Management System that helps with instant data validation and information look-up. A public facing Google calendar interface was added to list all scheduled facility Shutdowns – visible to the registered user community.


  • Reduced the over-all time it took to complete Shutdown approval process
  • New application has tremendously improved satisfaction amongst all stake-holders
  • Reduced costly Shutdown related errors
  • Brought the needed visibility, transparency and efficiency to the entire process
  • Improved availability of management reporting
TECHNOLOGY: .Net, C#, Telerik Kendo UI framework, Entity framework (ORM), Oracle database, FakeItEasy, NUnit, Google API, IIS 7.0 web server