Invoice Management

Client – Law firm (in-house counsel)

In-house counsel department uses services of outside law firms on Matters where they lack in-house expertise. Invoices received for these services were manually tracked and entered in Excel spreadsheet without a full-fledged approval process in place to verify accuracy of invoices received.

Challenges – Excel has multiple limitations – only one office staff could open the spreadsheet at any given time, report generation was a time-consuming process, reporting was rarely accurate, tracking invoice status and catching invoicing errors was difficult, etc.

Solution – ALPAC created a secured online invoice management system to track invoices. For each Matter the paralegal staff assigns an approver and a reviewer. All supporting documents related to the Matter are electronically scanned and attached. When invoices are received a paralegal staff electronically scans the invoice and attaches it to the Matter. Each invoice goes through a work-flow process with automatic email notifications before finally making its way to Accounts Payable.

Benefits – Invoices can be viewed online by attorneys and paralegals, management reports are accurate, spend analysis is detailed, billing is exact, etc.

Technology – LAMP – Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP language

Security – 256-bit SSL encryption

Testimonial – Working with ALPAC Inc. is a professional and uncomplicated experience. They know what we want and how to deliver. Exceptional customer service!”