THE CLIENT: In-house counsel department

THE PROBLEM: Client regularly uses services of outside law firms on “matters” where they lack in-house expertise. Invoices received for these services were manually tracked and entered into MS-Excel spreadsheet with a very human-driven process to verify accuracy and approval of all invoices. MS-Excel has multiple limitations – only one office administrative staff could open the spreadsheet at any given time, report generation was a time-consuming process, reporting was rarely accurate, tracking invoice status and catching invoicing errors was painstakingly difficult, payments to law firms were getting delayed, etc.

THE SOLUTION: ALPAC created a secured, cloud hosted, online invoice management system to track all invoices. For each “matter”, a paralegal staff assigns an Approver attorney and Reviewer attorney. All supporting documents including agreements and invoices related to the “matter” are electronically scanned and attached to the “matter”. Each new invoice goes through a work-flow process with automatic email notifications before finally making its way to Accounts Payable.


  • A single one-stop go-to location to view invoices online by attorneys and paralegals
  • Management reporting is easy, accurate and fast
  • Spend analysis is detailed
  • Billing is exact
  • On-time release of payments to law firms
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “Working with ALPAC Inc. is a professional and uncomplicated experience. They know what we want and how to deliver. Exceptional customer service!”

TECHNOLOGY: LAMP – Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP language

SECURITY: 256-bit SSL encryption