THE CLIENT: Possibilities for Change

THE NEED: To create a HIPPA compliant, 21-questions based adolescent health risk assessment survey that would electronically captures data, allowing schools and health professionals to track behaviors for individuals and groups of teens. Client was using MS Access along with a paper based process that was cumbersome and could not be scaled in its original form to reach it targeted global audience.

THE SOLUTION: ALPAC developed a secure, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant survey application to identify and prevent risks amongst adolescents and teen population.

Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services (RAAPS) is a validated, 21-question health risk assessment, multi-lingual tool, which can be completed by adolescents in 5 to 7 minutes using any internet connected device. After completing the survey, teens receive specific health resources pertinent to their risk behavior, and clinicians can utilize RAAPS evidence-based messages to provide counseling on identified risks.

With this secure HIPAA compliant online system, clinicians can electronically document the counseling they provide and receive individual and aggregated reports on their patient population by age, risk factor, demographics and over time. In addition, results can be compared to a “benchmark” population of adolescents who have completed the online survey.


  • Multiple surveys, each tailored to a different age-groups
  • Addresses low reading level by including audio
  • Multi-lingual; with text & audio in English, French and Spanish languages
  • As of 2013, RAAPS is being used by 1900+ organizations across USA and 2000+ organizations worldwide to identify and improve risk behaviors amongst adolescents.

TECHNOLOGY: LAMP environment – Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP language